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About Suki Eleuterio

Suki Eleuterio is a blogger, spiritualist, yoga enthusiast and poet living in South Florida. She is the founder of Found My Light, and the creative mind behind Sookton’s Space. She enjoys writing and discussing spirituality, holistic health, and vegetarianism. Growing up in Kenya with parents from different religious and cultural backgrounds, Suki has spent time finding her own path. You can follow her musings on Twitter and Instagram.
Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

5 Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune systems are working for us around the clock. Given how much the immune system does to keep you healthy, it’s important to make sure your lifestyle supports it’s function. There are plenty of simple ways to boost immune…


Attend the First Lightworkers Rise Up Worldwide Summit

When a group of like-minded  individuals come together, we can change the world. The time has come. Lightworkers around the world are gathering in small circles, communities, and digital villages. We know that this world needs change and change has…

Toxic foods keeping you up at night

10 Toxic Foods That Are Affecting Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep is becoming more of a luxury these days. Millions of Americans today are complaining of insomnia and sleep related disorders. To some extent our fast paced, stress packed, busy lifestyles maybe responsible for this. But it’s…


Higher Consciousness and The Art of Boulder-Placing

Standing in a mountain creek, watching the water flow over the rocks  And pebbles I couldn’t help but contemplate the way we form thoughts. One trickle of water over stone and dirt leaves behind an ease of movement for any water…

Writing is good for your Soul

5 Reasons Writing is Good for Your Soul

Set an Intention This Year: Spend More Time Writing This year I vow to do more writing than I did last year. You see, for me, just like many other people writing is my therapist, my spa day, my self-care…

Goodbye to Fear

How I Said Goodbye to Fear

I had a realization this morning… I thought of all of the experiences that I missed out on because I felt afraid. I recalled times when I didn’t speak my mind because of fear of judgement. I thought of how…


5 Ways to Honor Your Mother

Mother’s Day is this weekend and many people are rushing out the door today to buy her a gift or make reservations at a fancy restaurant. But the gift that your mother gave you is much greater than any gift you…

Self Belief and the power of Spirit

Self Belief and the Power of Spirit

It is your god given right to own your own experience.   Here’s a little something we don’t often talk about: It is absolutely intended that you grow into your full potential, it’s the journey you have actually challenged yourself…


SeekerFest: Persistence and Following Your Dreams

I had just returned from taking a long “walk” along the Camino de Santiago when the idea came to me. It was feeling a clarity that I had not felt before. An acute understanding of the limitations I had put…