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Suki Eleuterio is a blogger, spiritualist, yoga enthusiast and poet living in South Florida. She is the founder of Found My Light, and the creative mind behind Sookton’s Space. She enjoys writing and discussing spirituality, holistic health, and vegetarianism. Growing up in Kenya with parents from different religious and cultural backgrounds, Suki has spent time finding her own path. You can follow her musings on Twitter and Instagram.

Veganism: Understanding Love On and Off the Dinner Table

Usually when people think of love they think about romance. To be truthful, I thought that way. I didn’t really understand the depths of love.  You see, there is so much more to love than marital status.  As a Christian,…

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Self-Love…So Much More Than Positive Affirmation

Today’s Affirmation:  “I choose to decide to not force myself into fake happiness.”  ~  Traci Dawn  Since my journey to self-love began about a year ago, I’ve come to understand the importance of daily affirmations and positive self-talk. But this…


When You’ve Had Enough of Positivity

  A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day: “I had a shit day. Someone asks how was your day. What do you say? Because I’m trying to stay positive and I don’t get it…how do I…

Suki Eleuterio

5 Ways to Be More Spiritual This Year

There’s a wealth of knowledge inside you. You just have to listen. 2014 was a year filled with challenges, magic, and unexpected twists and turns.But throughout all the hardships, I was becoming someone new. I was seeing patterns of behavior…

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Daily Affirmation: I Love You

Today’s daily affirmation was taught to me by my yoga teachers, Moses and Zayna Love. Try to say it over and over and feel the healing it creates in your heart.