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Yoga for Seniors and Osteoporosis

Teaching Yoga to Seniors & People with Osteoporosis

Yoga is amazing. It helps us relax, relieves depression and anxiety, and helps us get back into shape. Sadly, not everyone can practice yoga with the same agility and energy, and for people who already have problems with their bones,…


Ayurveda: An Old Tradition Inspiring New Light

On a quest to discover what foods were right for my body, I discovered…myself. In this busy life of technology and information, we seek the truth from “experts” on health and wellness. But sometimes we forget that we are own…


Delicious Spring Smoothie

The Nutribullet is such a great way to get your daily fruits and vegetables. Try this delicious springtime recipe to boost your energy, increase your nutrient intake, and give you that perfect spring glow. Ingredients: 1-2 bunches of organic spinach…