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About Suki Eleuterio

Suki Eleuterio is a blogger, spiritualist, yoga enthusiast and poet living in South Florida. She is the founder of Found My Light, and the creative mind behind Sookton’s Space. She enjoys writing and discussing spirituality, holistic health, and vegetarianism. Growing up in Kenya with parents from different religious and cultural backgrounds, Suki has spent time finding her own path. You can follow her musings on Twitter and Instagram.

Spreading Love: 5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Instead of spending a lot of money at the mall this holiday season, why not spread the light and make your own gifts? Making your own gifts is not only a chance to get creative (perfect to awaken your sacral…


Daily Affirmation: There is a Light

Today’s daily affirmation is from the beautiful Mother Teresa. There is a healing light that we can all tap into and use it to help ourselves and others.


How to Eat Mindfully When Dining Out

You’ve made a commitment to your health, but you don’t want to miss out on girls’ night. Dining out can be a daunting task when you have decided to eat mindfully. Fearful questions come to mind: Will I be able…


10 Inspirational Quotes by Ram Dass

I was looking through Netflix for something inspiring to watch…. Then I happened upon Ram Dass: Fierce Grace. Through my yoga teacher training, I had heard about Ram Dass but I didn’t know too much about him. All that changed…


10 Blissful Songs for Your Yoga Playlist

The other day I had a fellow yoga teacher ask me, “what’s a good song for my yoga playlist?” As a yoga teacher, I put a lot of effort into my playlists. They have to create a mood, set a…


5 Ways to Bring Your Family Together this Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving thanks and appreciating the good things we have, I have sat at many a Thanksgiving dinner and witnessed fighting, sarcasm, and tension. These are the kinds of dinners that will…


Why I Am Thankful For My Yoga Mat

It’s an old yoga mat, but when I rest my head on it, it has that old familiar smell. My yoga mat is bright pink with swirly mandala patterns all around. I bought it in a TJ Maxx several years…


Vipassana: Learning From the Silence

I always hated silence. Those moments when there’s a pause in speech and the room suddenly goes quiet. Or the times that you are home alone and the television is off, so all you hear is the sound of your…


4 Steps to a Happier Relationship

Falling in love with healthier, happier relationships. Three years into our marriage and I feel closer to my husband than ever before. Truthfully, we have to be close at this point, we’ve been together through thick and thin at our highest…