Rescue Your Health: Improve Your Energy and Immunity With These Easy Tips

My passion as a certified health coach allows me to help people every day who desperately need or just want to optimize their health. 

The current global corona virus event has brought the work of every natural health practitioner to the forefront of this pandemic.   Societies are scouring for ways to optimize immunity, while reducing physical and emotional stress.  

Here are some things I have used along the way that have been very helpful and would be good anytime but especially under current conditions:

 The Power of Sea Salt

Not glamorous, but effective: gargling with sea salt and water has been known to clear the throat and tonsils of pathogens and also reduce inflammation of a sore throat.  In addition, it is important that the body has plenty of minerals to balance with hydration to keep blood and lymphatic fluids supported with ample trace and electrolyte minerals to protect and clean the cells and allow the organs to work properly.  A finger pinch of sea salt, such as Himalayan Pink Sea salt or Celtic Sea Salt into a tall glass of water or a bottled water can help support the fluid systems of the body for essential trace minerals and electrolytes.  You can also put a tablespoon of sea salt in your bath water along with a cup of epsom salts for a good healthy soak.  This is good for muscles, hydration and improves relaxation.

Salt is a powerful tool: think about the ocean. Tears and sweat are salty to the taste and blood is a bit metallic tasting.  The body needs a variety of minerals to provide these incredible differences in our fluid systems to enhance specific functions.  We should incorporate sea salt, herbs, and spices to our foods. Adding a simple pinch of sea salt to water can amazingly support the magic behind the body’s natural abilities to heal and maintain health.  

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Boosting the immune system starts in the gut and so, supporting good digestion and healthy gut flora is so important.  Incredibly, an easy thing to do is add raw apple cider vinegar with salads and on steamed vegetables or just drink a few ounces of water with a teaspoon or tablespoon just before meals to improve gut health, digestion and assimilation.

Raw Apple cider vinegar as a home remedy is as old as time. It contains the “mother,” which helps support friendly gut bacteria (flora). It can be amazingly helpful, inexpensive and versatile. Some people just have it in a few ounces of water to start or end their day.  No matter how you incorporate it into your day, it’s a win. Fermented food is good for your gut in general. making your own lacto-fermented vegetables is even better and actually fun.    

Make Lemonade!

Lemon in water is very popular way to add minerals, vitamins and hydration to food. You can take this further to get more benefits from the lemon.  Boil an organic lemon sliced with skin on in a quart of water until the lemon is tender.  Remove the lemon and store the water in the refrigerator and drink a few ounces throughout the day.  To make it more desirable add some stevia to sweeten.

To take it another step, add a slice or two of raw lemon to the mixture to have the live enzymes that are only available in food if the food is raw, once cook the enzymes are destroyed.  The essential oils, bioflavonoids (vitamin P), vitamin C, minerals and other valuable plant compounds make this mixture and excellent choice for supporting the immune system.

Also, I enjoy eating a wedge of orange skin on to have similar full benefits of one of my favorites.  Cutting an organic orange into 8 sections and eating one section each day is great for extra support.  The skin has much if not more concentrated health and immune boosting benefits. I have actually gotten use to the orange rind and enjoy it.  

Get All Your Nutrients

Berries and kiwi are also very rich in nutrients that support the immune system.  The properties of blueberries and kiwi have also been touted to support the liver with the production of L-Glutathione. 

Combining berries and yogurt is a powerful way to optimize the immune system with antioxidants and support the gut flora at the same time. I personally like to add some coconut milk or coconut oil to improve absorption as coconut oil is a carrier oil so it may be another beneficial player in this medley.  

Collagen powder or bone broth is another way to support the body and gut health.  Good gut better immune system and collagen powder is an easy addition to a healthy smoothie or bowl of berries and yogurt.  Also, soup is therapeutic, use bone broth with vegetables for a boost.

Colds, Flu, and the Corona Virus

Zinc naturally is important during flu and cold season.  We have also heard how zinc has been an important component in the fight against Coronavirus.  Pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts or seeds, chickpeas, cashews and grass fed beef are foods rich in zinc for food based enhanced zinc coverage.

As always, getting Omega 3 fatty acid foods is very important year around for overall health.  Fish is typically recognized in this category, especially salmon, but also recognized for omega 3 fatty acids are walnuts, avocado, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds and the oils of all of these are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids.   Balance more by adding the richness of extra virgin olive oil, an omega 9 fatty acid,  that has wonderful health benefits for protection and enhancement of overall health.  

Outside of food, I have hydrogen peroxide to clean surfaces and I also pour it on my toothbrush after each use.  I often think of how people will use the same tube of toothpaste  and house their toothbrushes in the same holder which is such an easy way to spread flu and colds.  The coronavirus has certainly given us a chance to look at our habits closer. Have some hydrogen peroxide in your kitchen and baths for sanitization year around. 

Most of all the immune system is compromised by stress, so  enjoy your food, your family and friends.  Relax, zoom out and know that things are going to be okay.  We could all use a time out and a little social distancing.  rest, read good things, learn something new, exercise, reflect and do some breathing exercises twice a day at least.  

We take on average 23,000 breaths a day, learn how to use breath to turn your fight or flight mode off and turn your body’s rest and digest mode on.  This is supporting your Parasympathetic nervous system, a must when you are trying to increase, support and protect your energy and immunity.
So be silly, cook your own creations, dance, listen to your favorites and make awesome memories during this brief global timeout.  If you’re really struggling, I always here for you.  

Many Blessings, Donna LaBar

Donna LaBar, Public Speaker and Author of the popular DIY book, Simple. Natural. Healing., is a leader in the natural health community.  Donna, a Certified Integrative Health Coach, has a unique teaching that helps individuals regain hope and recover their health.  Donna uses many anti-inflammatory, acid/alkaline balancing methods and also provides brain/body balancing techniques using kinesiology and biofeedback to help individuals stop patterns in their life that do not serve them physically or mentally.  She provides private individual consulting via Zoom online or during normal business times in person.  She can be reached by visiting her website.

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