Living Your True Purpose Makes the World a Better Place

Your True PurposeThe world is beautiful, humble and loving all in one.

That’s beautiful because its natural state reminds us of our true nature. It’s humble and loving because it continues to go around, day and night; despite whatever humans choose to do to it. But the world does not prosper when we have the choice to make it a better place and do not. This all happens when we say “we can’t” or that it’s “not possible.” When we believe this, we are only surviving by selfishly stealing from the energy and efforts of others.

The time is now.

No more hiding behind fear, making yourself a victim or shrugging off responsibility. It’s time to show up fully to life. You came here to this world equipped with a mission. The mission can also be known as your true purpose, great work or dream job. Whatever perspective you take of it, it’s innate within you and waiting to be revealed to the world.

There’s more to life than to stand on the sidelines and watch others step up to the plate and courageously go after their dreams. There’s more to life than the self-doubt and fear you allow to stay with you as unwelcome guests in your mind. 

It’s time to live. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time to remember the precious gifts, talents and abilities you possess. Why are you different from others? Why do we each have unique things we excel at? Because it’s all part of divine creation. You are here to use your natural talents and gifts to give, expand and create wonderful energy. Energy that will inspire others. Energy that will manifest itself into different physical forms.

If you had $1 billion, what would you choose to do with your time…aside from hanging out on the beach, relaxing and sunbathing? You can only do that for so long. What would you do that would expand, stretch and maximize your soul to the point where you live on such an amazing high, you are consistently glowing, feeling light and absolutely free? Your pure presence alone then becomes an inspiration in itself for others who look to you to evolve spiritually.

What would you do to feel this way? To really LIVE your true purpose? 

The answer lies within you. 


About the Author

Linda LyLinda Ly is an ex-accountant turned headhunter turned Career Intuitive Coach. She guides young women to clarify their true life purpose and pursue the great work they’re destined for in this lifetime. As an experienced recruiter, she’s realized the pain and frustration we experience in our daily jobs is simply a way of the universe speaking to us… pointing us to our unique path. For a career intuitive session with Linda, visit her website:

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