5 Inspiring Children’s Books For You and Your Baby

motherbabyI’m so passionate about children’s books.

I love them. I used to read them to my son when he was a little boy and I looked forward to them as much as he did. I loved them so much, in fact, I started buying them for myself. I use them now as quick reflections I can fit into my day when I need to shift the way I’m thinking or feeling.

The combination of images and inspiring words combines two of my favorite things and I can’t help but feel happy and peaceful as I read them. I dare you to sit with one of these inspiring children’s books and try to keep a frown. It’s impossible.

Here are five inspiring children’s books for the conscious mother:

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, Illustrated by Frank Riccio

This book isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t appreciate the my-pain-is-my-gift philosophy but personally looking to see the spiritual gift in the suffering has been one of my favorite and most profound ways to heal. Sitting with this book whenever you want to forgive someone you love can help you see that maybe there is more going on than you understand and the art is breathtaking. You don’t even have to read the words to be lifted up. The art alone will inspire you.

Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss

I know this book is often shared as a graduation gift but are you kidding me? I could read Dr. Seuss’ motivational rhyme every day and mine some new golden nugget of inspiration from it. If you’re feeling discouraged or lost, grab a cozy blanket, cuddle up on the couch and 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed you’ll feel better by the time you get to the last page.

Instructions by Neil Gaiman and Illustrated by Charles Vess

This is such a lovely book and it brings me right back to the present moment every time. To me, it symbolizes my spiritual journey; that journey that has at times left me feeling wrung out, exposed, vulnerable, bruised, humbled, spent and broken but always in the end, has been so very worth it. This book soothes and comforts me during those times when life feels hard. It is not specifically written for that purpose; at least I don’t think it is. But that’s how it helps me. Here is a beautiful reading of it by the author online https://youtu.be/dWRvqO1MjIs .

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and Illustrated by Sheila McGraw

This book, I’m sure, has made even the toughest heart shed a discreet tear. It pulls on the heart strings but for very good reason. It speaks to that universal place within each and every one of us that loves to be loved that much. It doesn’t even have to pertain at all to whatever drama I’m going through on that particular day, if I sit down to read this book I will feel better. Guaranteed. My heart will open just a little bit more. I’ll remember what’s really important in this crazy life and above all, I’ll feel Love and that’s the magic elixir right there.

Bellwether’s Message About You by Joyce MacDonald and Illustrated by Lewis Lavoie

Ok, I’ll admit that I happen to be friends with the author but I became friends after I fell in love with her first book and I really do read this book as a reminder to love myself. It’s something I’ve struggled with so often. It’s a children’s book to help a child who’s experienced bullying but I find it so helpful as an entrepreneur who is always left feeling vulnerable when she releases her thoughts into the great world web. I’m always afraid people will get mad at me or hate me and when I read the words in this book I remember that only my opinion of me matters. I also imagine that the bullies she describes in her book are the bullies inside my own mind that try to convince me I suck. Those thoughts are just trying to bully me to be less than I am and I don’t need to listen to them if I don’t want to. That’s the great thing about thoughts, you don’t have to believe them if you don’t want to.

I’m sure you have favorite children’s books too. Which ones would you suggest busy mothers sneak in a few quiet minutes to read when they are in need of a little comfort or inspiration?


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