3 Steps to Embrace Your Mission as a Light Worker


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The world is in the midst of a mass spiritual awakening. So many of us are feeling the urgency to step out of the chaos, drama, and pain…and into the light.

Never has it been more prevalent for us to awaken to our inner truth and embark on a spiritual journey. The world is changing. We are being forced to snap out of our old patterns in an attempt to wake up!  For those who have listened to the call and found our inner light, we wonder, what’s next?

[ What are Light workers? “Light workers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.”]

There is a massive call for more light workers to step into their true purpose, fulfill their mission, and rise up to the highest version of themselves. Among the darkness of the world, we are called to bring forth our radiant light, be the lighthouse and help others awaken to their own inner light to bring more peace to the world.

Before you step into your role of being a light worker, here are 3 steps to fully embrace the magnitude of your mission.

Step 1: Releasing the Need to Prove Yourself

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“That is the first sign, the first qualification of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher–that he goes through calamity with a radiant smile, he deals with another person with a most humble understanding and he lives in the core relationship of Imperial Majesty.” -Yogi Bhajan

As we change, many of the people around us will still remain living within the darkness. There will be people who will question our decisions, try to poke holes in our peacefulness formula and test our resolve. It’s a sign that one has become a light worker when they don’t take others criticism personally. Light workers are compassionate for souls that have not yet awoken and don’t truly understanding the truth of life. The one who can radiantly smile without the need to defend, convince or explain their position, is one who has the true qualifications of being a light worker.

Step 2: Releasing the Need to Be Recognized

As long as your ego exists, you are not a teacher. As long as you expect appreciation, you are not a teacher, you are a beggar.” -Yogi Bhajan

In our world, everyone wants to be a well known “somebody.”  At times even light workers may get caught up in being recognized for their work and focus on the quantity of people their work has reached. In this digitally savvy world, it’s easy to connect with thousands of people from our computer. We may seek recognition for our wisdom, praise for our selfless acts, fame or seek those 10,000 likes on our Facebook page.

It’s not about the quantity you serve, it’s how earnestly, humbly and wholeheartedly you serve the people who are guided to you. – Tejal Patel

A light worker knows that his mission has nothing to do with him/herself, and everything about lifting up the spirits of others and ultimately bringing about more harmony, peace and unity to the world.

So rather than shining the light on you, focus on uplifting and bringing out the light in the other person. If your heart is pure and your mission is your life, the Universe will certainly support you in increasing the extent of people you touch.

You are here to support the greater healing of the world and create a paradigm shift to help others seek the light they see within you.  Don’t be a beggar, be a giver.

Step 3: Serve Those Who Answer Their Inner Call

“Never give a man your opinion; they get offended. Let him ask your opinion. What is a man? He is pure, living, shining ego. When you give your opinion, he has to counteract it; he has to. When he asks your opinion, he has to obey it because he asked. The same ego which is going to reject is going to obey. Do you understand the psychology?” -Yogi Bhajan

When we awaken to our own inner light, it’s natural to want to share this wisdom and happiness to all those you care about and people you know who would benefit from it. We all have free will to choose our own life path and make our own decisions- good or bad. Respect the free will of others and serve those who ask for help, and not those who you think you need to help.

As we once were, people are blind to the chaos and drama in their lives. They have become so used to it and feel comfortable in the life they created. Who are you to pre-maturely pull the blanket of a sleeping person before they are ready to wake up in the morning? When they awaken from the haze of the life they have created, be the brightest night light so they will be guided to your safe light post when they seek direction.

“Personal growth without sharing it with others is just as unsatisfying as not awakening to your light and living in the darkness.” – Tejal Patel

Stepping into the role of being a light worker means you are embarking on the most spiritual, uplifting and soul satisfying work. The purpose of your work as a light worker doesn’t have a set retirement age, it’s a commitment we make until we take our last breathe. To inspire, serve, and uplift is about creating something that will live forever.


About the Author

photo 5 (2)Tejal Patel is a former divorce attorney and mediator who reinvented her life to become a spiritual life coach, children’s yoga teacher, motivational speaker and  writer.  Tejal now advocates universal laws, so adults will live from their highest truth and be the example of peace for future generations.  As a student and teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation, it is her mission to make meditation easy to understand, so families can come together daily, to meditate as a unit.  She teaches children the fundamental skills of conscious breathing, intuition connection and positive self image in her Yoga Birdies, Yoga for Youth classes. She inspires adults on her weekly Astitva Seekers VLOG by sharing guided meditations, empowering wisdom and kid friendly mindfulness and yoga techniques.

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