How Reiki Changed My Life

Reiki Changed My Life Judy CamblorAs a young child I knew that religion was not for me.


I grew up in a Catholic household, went to catechism classes, and spent many holidays in church. I remember being 11 years old and sitting in a church feeling like I did not belong there. I believed in Jesus and in his teachings. In fact, I still do; but I don’t believe that being a church-goer has ever been for me. I began to explore spirituality and spirituality-based practices in my mid-20s. It was then that I discovered that there is so much more to being spiritual than just lighting a candle to your patron saint or attending mass.


Becoming a Healer


In my mid-20’s I discovered Reiki as my personal life underwent many unexpected changes. I discovered that working a nine to five was not my true purpose. I don’t believe that the rat race is anyone’s true purpose, and yet I learned through my practice that we all have a path we have chosen to walk. Mine was to become a healer. Still, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to sustain my household working solely as a Reiki practitioner, and here I am living my dream.


Since becoming a Reiki practitioner, I have become a more heart-centered person. Reiki helps you look at life through the eyes of love and service for yourself and others rather than doing things in your life out of ego-centered needs. I find it so much easier now to truly hold space for others and be present when they need me, whether it’s for a healing session or for a good laugh. Reiki has helped me to be a much more emotionally open person so that I can be more empathic to the needs of others. Reiki has also taught me how to hold space for myself and recognize when I need to fill my healing cup for myself so that I am able to give to others.


A Healing Art Form


The versatility of using Reiki to move Life Force Energy is truly a healing art. Reiki is an ancient technique in which prescribed hand positions and procedures are used to give healing. However, as a healer you are truly free to use your own divinely guided intuition when laying hands on the person receiving the healing. I have found my practice evolving over the years, and I am able to employ many different metaphysical tools that I have learned to use in combination with Reiki to bring about the desired healing for everyone I heal. And sometimes, all I need is Reiki without sound, scents, or crystals, but I love all the different combinations of healing modalities working together. And, if more tools are available to you, why not use them? Why not compliment an already amazing practice with tools that can further enhance a healing? This is what makes Reiki a healing art for me. I am able to employ my creativity and tailor each healing session.


Divine Lessons Through Reiki


Being a practitioner of this healing art, Reiki has brought me into contact with so many different types of people from all walks of life. Some of the people I’ve met are also healers, yogis, or business owners. I’ve experienced the good and the not so good in all these different types of people, and it has helped me to shift from judging according to my perception of each individual to looking at them from a place of love so that I can see their authenticity. There are a couple of sayings I like to use over and over because they really resonate in a true way for me.


The first is: When people show you who they are, believe them.


The second is: You have to meet people where they are. I understand that not everyone who practices Reiki or yoga is going to understand that there is enough abundance for everyone. I also understand that not everyone I meet is going to understand the work I do as a healer. Those who are ignorant to the healing arts imagine a healer as someone akin to Jesus, but the reality is that we are all healers and all possess the ability to heal ourselves and others. We don’t even have to practice Reiki or yoga to heal. This takes a special shift in the paradigm, in the way we choose to view the world around us.


When you live authentically and in your truth, you are able to face judgment quite easily. How does practicing Reiki bring this authenticity and truth about yourself out? I like to say that Reiki “cleans house.” When you begin living aware of the Life Force Energy within you and within all of us, Reiki begins to move and shift and clean out all old and negative thoughts and emotions. As a race, we love to deny when something hurts us or ignore resentment and pain from past experiences. These unexpressed or unresolved emotions become dis-ease and begin to manifest in our physical bodies. Take me, for example. I repressed so many things I wanted to say over the years that I developed skin cancer on my lip. I learned the hard way that emotions are meant to be expressed, feelings are meant to be communicated, not held in where they only act as poison to our energetic bodies and eventually in our physical bodies. Reiki replaces that stagnant and negative energy with clean, clear and radiant new energy. Think of it as a recalibration of the body’s energy centers or a tune-up for the energy body.


In the end, I have learned to live a simpler life. Living a simple life brings me a sense of joy that I would never have imagined before this Reiki journey began. I have learned to be grateful for the present moment and everything in it. I have spent years since my attunements pealing back the layers of pain resulting from self-created karmic experiences. I still have much to learn, but within those things I still need to learn I know that I have so much more to give as a healer. Reiki has opened me up to all of you who need healing. As I heal you, I heal myself. I am infinitely grateful to Reiki for all of the beauty in my life, even if some of that beauty was recognizing the painful parts of my life. Reiki has helped me understand that each life experience that brought me joy or pain was part of the process of becoming who I am truly meant to be and aligned me with the things that my higher self has intended for me in this life.

About the Author


Judy Camblor

Judy Camblor is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki and is also certified in Crystal Healing. What began as a personal healing practice has now become a life-long journey in the study and practices of integrative and holistic healing arts.  Her training and experience include energy healing modalities like Reiki, crystals, sound, and essential oils.  Judy’s passion for learning all things metaphysical provides her with opportunities to share knowledge, awareness, and empowerment with all of her clients.  She also enjoys practicing yoga and writing articles about her energetic and spiritual practices.  She also practices spiritual-life counseling by providing angel and tarot card readings. Judy hosts healing sessions for her clients at her home-based studio located in Miami, Florida.  Judy can be reached via e-mail at; or through her website at


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