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10 Spiritual Quotes to Uplift Your Day

Your words are important, your thoughts create your destiny! Starting your morning with a motivational quote can change the trajectory of your day. Here are some spiritual quotes to uplift you, nourish you, and infuse you with positive thoughts.


Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The coming of spring is upon us. Swelling buds fill the air with scents of new growth. The frost of winter begins to melt as the light of day grows longer and warmer. The new season begins on the spring…


Hawaiian Healing Prayer for Forgiveness

The first time I heard the words from Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian healing prayer, I had shivers down my spine. The words moved through me, into my heart and beyond my soul. I felt like I had heard them many times…


Facing Fear: Do The Things You’re Afraid Of

“Es importante hacer cosas que nos den miedo.” ~Sofia Good news to share: You can overcome fear. A while ago I initiated the process of becoming a Guardian Ad Litem, a program in Miami-Dade County designed to help kids and teenagers…


4 Rituals for the Full Moon in Leo

Katy Perry had it right while performing at Super Bowl XLIX, riding in on a lion and singing, “you’re gonna hear me roar.” We will all be feeling a little of the lion spirit over the next couple of days…


When You’ve Had Enough of Positivity

  A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day: “I had a shit day. Someone asks how was your day. What do you say? Because I’m trying to stay positive and I don’t get it…how do I…

Suki Eleuterio

5 Ways to Be More Spiritual This Year

There’s a wealth of knowledge inside you. You just have to listen. 2014 was a year filled with challenges, magic, and unexpected twists and turns.But throughout all the hardships, I was becoming someone new. I was seeing patterns of behavior…


10 Inspirational Quotes by Ram Dass

I was looking through Netflix for something inspiring to watch…. Then I happened upon Ram Dass: Fierce Grace. Through my yoga teacher training, I had heard about Ram Dass but I didn’t know too much about him. All that changed…


Vipassana: Learning From the Silence

I always hated silence. Those moments when there’s a pause in speech and the room suddenly goes quiet. Or the times that you are home alone and the television is off, so all you hear is the sound of your…


What I Learned From My Past Lives

“Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation”- Wikipedia I have never been hypnotized….