What I’ve Learned From Women’s Circles

Women's circle

I started leading Women’s Healing Circles in January 2011 and haven’t stopped since.

This is one of my big passions because I am committed to a peaceful world. For myself and humanity. This is the why I do it.

Sacred Feminine Rising: A time for awakening and transformation

It’s a very auspicious and amazing time to be alive. The next section may be a little too woo-woo for some- but I encourage you to keep reading nevertheless. Though some of it may sound a little strange to you, a deeper part of you will awaken to this information in a subtle or sometimes more obvious way.

This is a time of awakening and transformation. Some may call it a birth. Mother Earth is giving birth to a new humanity and we’re all part of this birth. It is no accident or coincidence that you are alive, in this body right now, reading this. It’s no accident that deep inside you is a yearning to do something greater, bigger, something that makes a difference in a bigger way that you can imagine.

No accidents my friends.

 Earth’s Consciousness is Rising

Women's circle Approximately 12,290 years ago the Kundalini Energy of Planet Earth moved from Atlantis to Nepal- where it found domicile for another 12,290 years. The Earth Kundalini Energy is a serpent like energy that moves from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Earth and when it reach the surface, the location that it lands on becomes the Light of The World, the place where the teachers and the enlightened masters of the world are birthed. The area of Nepal and the surroundings brought us the teachings of Lao Tzu, and the Buddha, among other beautiful men leaders.

Recently, the energy had shifted to the mountains of Chile. In 2005 to be exact, the New Light of the World has found its home. Why is this relevant? Because the Kundalini of the planet plays an essential role in humanity shifting its consciousness and for humanity to attain Unity Consciousness.

A Little History…

I’m gonna back up a little, I realize for some of you this is a lot of new information so bear with me. Many many years ago, humanity’s consciousness dropped to where it is right now and many galactic loving being in the Universe have been cradling in us in some way to help us bring our family back to Unity, to help us elevate our consciousness.

The Human Consciousness Grid has 3 parts- the male, the female and the neutral part. The female part is the one that needs the most work right now and it’s the key to moving from the state we are in now to the next phase for humanity.

You may have heard that the transition that is taking place is the end of one era and the beginning of another. Many religions, cultures describe this in different ways. Energetically, we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 4 th dimension. What does this mean? It means that we are moving from functioning from our third chakra (leading emotions are self-importance, greed, ego) to the fourth chakra (which is the chakra of the heart, ruled by love).

You see, we all play an important role in this transition. We must be reminded and remind each other of why we are here on Earth right now so we can remember what we each individually need to do to help humanity transition.

Here’s where I must remind you to breathe. And smile. You remember the movie the Titanic? Remember on the deck when everyone was panicking, jumping off the boat, beating on each other… Do you remember the crew that was playing the violin? Even as the ship was sinking, they were making music, celebrating life is the sweetest manner.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the ship is sinking- not by any means!

I’m just saying let’s celebrate the transition, the chaos, and be in the grace of God, the Universe, the Divine Light.

Your Perspective, Your Choice

It’s all perspective. How we perceive life determines the quality of our life and the actions we take- therefore determines our results in life. Imagine a woman giving birth – naturally. She’s pushing and panting, the baby’s head is starting to appear, it’s a bloody, loud scene. It’s an 11 pound baby, so not an easy birth. On one side. You have someone who has NO IDEA what is happening- they are watching, their eyes wide, face in an awkward grimace, entire body is tense- they are completely freaked out. “Someone help this woman! Someone do something! She’s hurting, this is horrific!”

On the other side, you have someone who knows exactly what’s occurring- they are completely present to the miracle that is taking place. They are standing, watching in complete awe at the beauty of creation, the breath taking moment when a new life comes into the world. They are standing with their head tilted a little, hand placed on their heart “wow… that is so beautiful, it’s absolutely ….. breath taking… how can I help, how can I be part of this….?”

Same scenario, two different perspectives. The first person’s heart rate is out the roof, they are operating from a place of fear which leads to harsh decisions, unhappy relationships, stress and disease. The second person  is relaxed, in a space of love and appreciation, the highest vibration there is- which leads to bliss, happy relationships, health and abundance.

We don’t necessarily choose the circumstances in our lives- but we do choose how we view them. That’s our free will. Humans were given free will- ultimately so we can choose or not choose to remember God and where we came from. Being One with Unity Consciousness equals remembering God, equals living from our hearts or living in the embrace of Love.

Everything else is false and leads to human suffering.

Mother Earth is Giving Birth and We Get to Play Our Part

Women's circle

Mother Earth is giving Birth to a New Humanity and you play a key role in the outcome, in how it plays out. Your thoughts, your choices, your actions, everything each one of us does make a big difference on the canvas of life on this planet.

This Birth, for those who have no idea what is happening can be scary, shocking. For those who are not willing to shift their perspective, life may appear like hell on Earth. The ones who will choose to operate from a place of fear will view life as very dark and scary.

For those who know what is happening, it will be easier to stay in the sacred space of their hearts. When you are present to the miracle that is occurring in front of your eyes, you will ask “How can I participate”. You will celebrate, play your violin, dance and sing and rejoice in the miracle it is to be alive right now.

Women have always been know to be powerful beings- this power comes from our innate ability to tap into our heart and to be in the sacred space of love. However, it’s all about balance- We must now tap into our wisdom and our power- in the infinite well of our womb. Yes our womb, our belly, our core, the area behind our belly button, the seed of the soul.

For a lot of women this area of our body is the most neglected, and if it’s given attention it’s so we can gain a 6 pack. The first time I consciously laid my palm on my womb with the intention of connecting to this sacred chamber in my body- I started noticing all the ugly voice in my head about this are- I had a hard time keeping my hands on there with out being critical of the bulge around my belly area. Yet underneath that “bulge” or six pack- whatever you’ve got going there- is your infinite source of power, energy and self expression.

Another area that us woman want to work on expanding and opening up is our throat chakra. You seen our throat is the voice of our heart. And is super important that we are speaking our heart’s truth right now. We, as women, don’t have to worry much about having our hearts open… it’s something that comes naturally to us. Now of course, life experiences may create a wall, or heavy crust around our heart, but it’s nothing we can’t take down. And once our hearts are open (and yes vulnerable) anything is possible.

 What About Men?

This is not a “girl power” moment or the return of the feminist movement- by ANY means! Both of these movement served their purpose in the course of human history- but this is not what this is about.

It’s not about women rising- it’s about the feminine energy healing- to complete the Consciousness Grid. Feminine and Masculine Energy- like Yin and Yang, are present in everything. In each person, there is a a balance of both energies. This has been out of balance for humanity as a whole- the masculine energy has been leading the way for years and years now. The same imbalance is present in each individual.

It is crucial right now for women to tap in to their feminine energy and the power that comes in acknowledging it.  Women can easily connect with their heart- when awakened- we are nurturers, lovers. Love and compassion -these are emotions that we can connect with quickly, naturally… instinctively.

Men are awakening to this part of themselves too. Please remember- energetically- there is only energy. In the physical realm- we are “Men” or “Women”- our soul is neither.  Energetically, we are a mix of both energies- male and female- and men too are experiencing the feminine rising. This means that men must cultivate their feminine energy- their nurturing, loving powers.

It is just as important for men to connect with the feminine energy rising in them- as much as for women! Their role is just as important! Humanity as a whole is experiencing a transformation and we are gonna need each and every soul to connect to the Unified Consciousness Grid- men and women.


About the Author

Zayna-200x300Zayna de Gaia is a life coach, author, speaker and teacher of teachers. She’s passionate about yoga, meditation, empowering people to live their best life and the ongoing orgasms of being ALIVE! Zayna is the founder of Teen Whisperer International, committed to bridging the language barrier between teens and their parents via a holistic approach emphasizing communication and love. She is also the host of her own podcast radio and YouTube show: ZNation where she welcomes many inspiring guests who will leave you thinking “The world IS changing! There ARE people doing great things in the world!” She’s is a yoga teacher and trainer, Reiki healer and practitioner and world renowned author of the book, Thank you for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself. Find out more about the scrumptious details of these exciting projects at www.znationradio.com. She is the co-author of She Loved Herself, a book about loving and honoring yourself.

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