What I Learned From My Past Lives


“Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation”- Wikipedia

I have never been hypnotized. I wasn’t sure what it was like and if it was even real. I believe in past lives and I was curious as to how they could affect my current life; so I found a practitioner in my city and went for it. The practitioner was a young mother with kids in a nice New York City apartment. She seemed “normal” enough, so I gave it a try.

My Imagination?

She started by having me sit and chat. She was giving me her psychic/intuitive thoughts that seemed right on the money, but nothing too specific. I still wasn’t sure I believed in being hypnotized so I was definitely nervous. I then laid down on her sofa where she had me look up at a pen to “tire my eyes” and then her suggestions of relaxation began. She told me to walk through a door and she asked me open-ended questions.

At first I thought to myself “this is my imagination” when she was telling me to choose a door to walk through, open the door, then look down. What was I wearing on my feet? Was I a man or a woman? What was I doing?

I fought with myself my in my head- was this my imagination? What is really just flowing to me? Am I just making things up?

Then the emotions hit.

I started answering her like a child.

Practitioner: “What are you doing?”
Me (in a stubborn short tone all the way through): “I don’t know, standing here.” (From my feet I could tell I was a man, I was holding a suitcase on the street).
Practitioner: “Standing where?”
Me: “I am waiting.. for the bus..(long pause then the quivering tears came). She left me.” (crying)
I was crying so much that the practitioner ended my time in that life and brought me back to the doorways. I had concluded that in that life I was man and my girlfriend- the woman that I was in love with-  had cheated on me. The practitioner said she felt that in that lifetime I had ended my own life.

The practitioner said she likes to ask to look at my feet first to get a sense of yourself and then look around as to what is happening. She always ends the session with bringing you to your dying day and getting you back through the light.

True Emotions Last Many Lifetimes

She then brought me through another door and I was almost hit with busy people in a market full of amazing spices. I was in India. We didn’t spend much time there but it was incredible to see.

The last lifetime I want to share is this:
I walked through the next-door and looked at my feet. They were bare and dirty. My skin brown. I was a Native American. I looked down to see the most gorgeous little girl around 7 years old, my daughter. The practitioner asked if I knew my daughter in this lifetime and I immediately replied “she is my brother.”

She then asked if I had a husband. I noticed the difference between my human mind cutting in and the actual sense of revisiting my past life. My human mind jumped in and thought “yeah right I probably married some jerk or no one at all” and then through my teepee walked a man. I am almost in tears now just thinking about the amount of pure, sheer love I felt at that moment that I have NEVER in this current life felt before. I cannot even describe this feeling in words. THE EMOTIONS of this experience lets me know that, NO, I was not making this all up in my head. This had happened and was happening again. I was revisiting a lifetime. I will never forget that feeling of love. And I crave it so much in this life. She asked me if I knew my husband in this lifetime. I said no.

She then had to bring me to my dying moment of that lifetime- I was laying down just as I was laying on her couch, I looked down at my hands and they were at least 100 year old. Wrinkled and tan and soft. By my side was a grown woman, my daughter ( I am almost crying while writing this due to these now being REAL memories for me). My daughter was saying “don’t go, don’t leave me” and then I was back by the doors.

What I learned:

1. Know the difference between your EGO and YOU. Ego is the one saying, “Yeah right I wouldn’t have a husband.”—YOU is your spirit  that feels the raw emotions.
2. Let these emotions guide you. Use them to navigate your life, to keep in line with your path.
3. You’re not alone. We chose to come here and we will keep coming until we learn everything our soul has set out for us to learn. And that’s okay because there is a team of loved ones from past lives that are cheering for you.
4. There is real love. We came from pure love and it is out there. I don’t believe my Native American husband is in this lifetime with me. I do know he is waiting for me on the other side and that gets me through each day.

I would have blown off this whole experience if I had thought I just imagined this all. But there is no way I would have been hysterically crying or felt such love from just “thinking things up.”

For me, Past Life Regression is a real thing and it’s pretty amazing. You can learn why you have feelings for someone in this lifetime if you recognize them from a past and dig deeper into resolving issues with them now. You can become more in tune with yourself and be reminded of the beauty of your soul.


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jessicaleffler1Jessica Leffler has been embarking on a journey to find balance, both mentally and physically, through food. She has found that you can attain optimal happiness and health by listening to your own inner guidance.  An intuitive empath, New Yorker, sister, daughter, fashion buyer, Jessica is the blogger behind Food Journey: Eating to Live. Eat Clean and Love.  She loves to cook, inspire, and learn from her fellow humans.




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