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About Cindy Nicole

Cindy Nicole playfully guides women into alignment with their soul's calling and transition into the life they've dreamed of. She helps them connect to their inner wisdom, uncover blocks, and champion them to be courageous and take risks in the direction they wish to grow. She brings 20 years of combined life experience as a Certified Professional Coach, teacher, leader, product designer, artist, and intuitive to help you reach your highest potential. Through her journey of health challenges and working in corporate America off Wall Street, she dug in to uncover the root of her dis-ease. She discovered that suppressing who we are, suppresses our immune system and diminishes our light in the world. In response, she co-founded Magnetic Explorators to inspire women to pioneer their own path to success through nature-based discovery workshops. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and email her at for a free exploratory session.

3 Keys to Live Courageously

What causes some people to take life by the horns and others to sit back and wonder about the what ifs? An ex-boyfriend once told me that I was aggressive in my actions. I also distinctly remember a party where…