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How to Connect to Your Inner ‘Independent Woman’

Not every woman was born to just be a ‘mom’, or ‘employee’, or ‘boss.’ Those are simply labels…words of the world used to identify us on the outside. But on the inside, we know we are beautiful souls here to…

ArchAngel Michael’s White Light

We all know that feeling; the uneasiness that lurks in darkness – the feeling of being watched – or simply the feeling that something feels “off”. You may have experienced this feeling more intensely as a child, but even as…

Daily Affirmation: I Love You

Today’s daily affirmation was taught to me by my yoga teachers, Moses and Zayna Love. Try to say it over and over and feel the healing it creates in your heart.

Daily Affirmation: There is a Light

Today’s daily affirmation is from the beautiful Mother Teresa. There is a healing light that we can all tap into and use it to help ourselves and others.