Yes: Your Path to Happiness


We all have a path in life that our higher spirit has carved out.

Navigating this lifetime can be difficult, especially since we have long forgotten that we are a soul with a human body, not the other way around. Thankfully there are subtle signals to let us know that YES we are on the path to happiness that we intended.

It is all about the vibrations of the universe.

We are all meant to live in abundance and happiness. Our emotions are the signals for our soul to recognize that we are still on the path to happiness. Stop and listen to how you feel: is there fear and distrust or excitement of the unknown?

In the past few years, I have had trouble with my intuition. “I think I want this” or “this seems logical” is not always the answer. If something seems logical, yet you have a stabbing pain in your gut telling you to run, you best run! I found myself convincing my heart to play along with what my logical brain has told me and I have found myself in complete misery. Thankfully, recently I noticed signals from the universe that tell me, “YES you are on the path to happiness.”

Ways to Recognize You’re On the Right Path

1. The Tingles

You get a small tingling sensation on my neck or head, like your hairs raising on end. I feel this is an angel telling me, YES you are on your path.

2. Signs and Symbols

Sometimes I see signs like a song on the radio, a name or number that keeps popping up in my head, or a newscast that coincides with a decision I am making- this lets me know, “yes, keep going on this path.”

3. Meditate

I breathe slowly and deeply and let my mind flow into the “static,” as I like to call it. Before I know it, someone is in front of me, whispering in my ear that all is alright. I ask them yes or no direct questions and get instant answers.

4. Dreamland

Dreams can tell us so much. Sometimes, I recall things from my dreams. Do you see a certain animal? Talk to someone in your dream? Set the intention before you go to bed to remember your dreams when you wake. They might not just be dreams, but conversations with your guides or spirit animals. Recognize you’re dreaming while in the dream, and ask them questions.

5. Deja Vu

Time and space are infinite, and right now is also happening in the past and future. In some moments, time collides and you realize you have already been here and done that in the future. A déjà vu is you realizing you are on the path to happiness, it has already happened and is happening right now all at once.

Basically, if you are extremely worried, scared, or unhappy in a situation then you are not in the vibration of complete happiness.

Recognize the difference of logical thinking and intuition. Stop, breathe, and ask your guides for help. Honestly, I tell myself this all the time: “You have all the answers, stop looking for other people to guide you, it is already in you.”

I encourage you to look within your own light for answers. Trust your “gut,” even if your brain is telling you otherwise. Ignore the ego. You have a team of guides and angels just waiting for you to ask for answers and help you find your path to happiness.

Good luck!

Main photo  and Cover Photo by @ Jonathan Emmanuel Flores


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jessicaleffler1Jessica Leffler has been embarking on a journey to find balance, both mentally and physically, through food. She has found that you can attain optimal happiness and health by listening to your own inner guidance.  An intuitive empath, New Yorker, sister, daughter, fashion buyer, Jessica is the blogger behindFood Journey: Eating to Live. Eat Clean and Love.  She loves to cook, inspire, and learn from her fellow humans.


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