Unbox the Universe: Spiritual Tips to Live a Happier Life

Spiritual Tips For a Happier LifeWhen you want to heal your life and make healthy changes…

It is important to realize that your experience of healing and growth will be as unique as you are. There isn’t one way to heal and spirit works on all of us differently.

We all come into this world with challenges to overcome to live a happier more fulfilling life, and yet some people never make it to a place within themselves to address their issues. They would rather control people, their environment, and life circumstances than let go and receive spiritual help.

Since we are unable to fix the broken places within us from the same space that we created them, spirit must intervene to activate circumstances and provide healing situations that we most likely never would have dreamed of.

This requires letting go of control.

It usually takes a considerable amount of pain to cause us to want to change and grow. We are guided to change by either uncomfortable situations or painful life events. These situations are not meant to harm us, but rather to help us see the parts of ourselves that must be healed to live to our fullest potential.

No matter what you are currently facing in your life and no matter what kind of “mess” you feel like you may be in, there are techniques that you can embrace that will help you to move more easily along your spiritual path.

I Tend to Put the Universe in a Box

I have expectations of what I think God will do in my life that limits my experiences to only what I can imagine and that leaves me feeling “stuck.” When you move with the life events that are before you, instead of resisting them, you learn to navigate at a more efficient and magnificent level. This involves letting God in and letting go to enjoy the ride! Thereby, unboxing the universe.

Here are five spiritual tips when you are seeking healing and change:

  • Trust the life events that are before you, they are not a mistake, they are a part of the universes and your souls plan for your evolution.
  • Avoid getting stuck in negative energy pockets from your environment. Stay grounded in your own self-love and awareness.
  • Be present and accept your life as it today knowing at a spiritual level it can change in an instant, God can heal you in a second if you are open.
  • Follow your inner guidance and be open to what you hear, even if it may sound scary, we are lead to be more, see more and have more through our inner knowing that reflects outward.
  • If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Believe that you can be the person you want to be and have the life of your dreams by doing the inner work presented to you.


About the Author

nia_op_480x600Jen Gordon is a modern spiritual teacher who was educated at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and later at Loyola University in Chicago. Known for taking deep spiritual concepts and making them easy and accessible to use in everyday life, Jen is making it possible for many to make positive transformations in their lives beginning from the inside and reflecting out into the larger world. With a practical, friendly and gentle voice, Jen is able to put a very real spin on the struggles we all face and hope to overcome. To learn more about living a fulfilling and happier life, or to schedule a consultation with Jen Gordon, visit www.imthelove.com.

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