Self Belief and the Power of Spirit

pexels-photo-66357-largeIt is your god given right to own your own experience.


Here’s a little something we don’t often talk about: It is absolutely intended that you grow into your full potential, it’s the journey you have actually challenged yourself to take.


As you know, as a members of the human race we are born massive ‘sponges,’ that absorb the conditioning of every single one of our life experiences. But we can become  aware that this flow can be chosen and even systematically changed; our beliefs are completely malleable or changeable.


As Henry Ford once observed, “The truth is whether you think you can, or think you can’t.. you will probably be proved correct.”


On a practical level, self belief is just about knowing all of your personal strengths, and then focusing on and refining them, so that you can’t help feeling confident using them. Finding self belief is sometimes about looking beyond what you have been told about yourself, the labels and projections from others and being completely honest and transparent with yourself about what who you truly know you are in your own heart. Even if your new Self doesn’t fit in with people around you, that honest liberation is the path you are always actually on.


We can become aware of that inner desire that may have been as quiet as a mouse. The truth is subtle; the best things often are. The truth rarely screams, it taps gently and consistently. The truth is confident and like a very confident person, it feels no need to shout.


Through the practices of meditation and yoga, we can connect to the the calm whisper that is the divine will, the true will. The ego is just thought and conditioning. It wants to control and affirm its own authority. The true will is within, and just IS.


When the ego mind calms down, a more complete Will can emerge and is shown to be a massive power that is connected to our source and is unconcerned with what others think it should be, It just is.

It is there and has always been, it is pure and compassionate and its inside each one of us.


You are already connected to your truth, to self belief. Just be your Self.


About the Author

Jason ClarkJason Clark is a peace and music lover. He can often be found bringing people together through mediation, awakening lightworkers and healers and inspiring others. Motivated by having had 10 foster carers before the age of 3, he has found his way back onto the spiritual path.

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