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What nourishes your soul?

What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What makes you sing the beautiful notes of the song of your soul? Finding that place deep within, and then clearing the way to get there, is sometimes a challenge that can be enhanced by using the principles and energy of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of balancing your well-being through your environment. By tuning in to the energy vibration of your physical house, apartment, or room, you can uncover many aspects about your deeper self and learn what your patterns are. Getting a glimpse from this outside to inside perspective provides many lessons for our souls—to help us grow and move along our journey more easily and smoothly in this lifetime. 

Have you ever considered the vibrational energy of your environment? In the basic Law of Attraction, like attracts like which also translates directly to the energy of our homes. One of the core principles of Feng shui is that your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in your life at any given moment. Feng Shui is about assessing and understanding the relationship between your home and your life.

Look in the Mirror

If you were to take a hard and honest look at your home and how that mirrors your life, what vibration is your home resonating at. In other words, what radio station frequency are you tuned into—happy music or lots of static?

Start with a bird’s-eye view level of assessment and general observations. Is your home kind of cluttered and messy? In turn, do you feel like there is too much clutter or too many messy situations happening in your life?

What about the décor—is it fresh and lively or has it not been updated in many years? In turn, do you feel your life is going in the same old circles year after year with no real upward or creative growth?

Are there certain rooms within your home that are in disarray or even unfinished? If it’s the bedroom, think about relationships in your life; the office, think about how your career is going. If it’s the kitchen, how is your health and weight? If it’s the living room, do you feel you are living a fulfilled life?

Sometimes we may not know what our patterns are and by taking a deeper look into our environments it can give us clues as to what areas we need to work on. We all have negative or hindering core beliefs that are ingrained in us that we are trying to break free of on our spiritual journey. Knowing what they are is half the battle. Using Feng Shui can start to shed light on what beliefs one is holding and what needs to be shifted to allow our souls to grow in the fullest expression of who we truly are.

Get Specific and Go Deeper

In Feng Shui we always start with the big picture as shared above, but then if you want to dig deep into the specific nitty-gritty excavating of the lessons of your soul, you can turn to a tool called the Bagua map (pronounced Bahg-wha). This map consists of nine life energy centers that are represented in your home. These areas are focused on Career, Helpful People and Travel, Children & Creativity, Relationships, Fame & Recognition, Wealth & Prosperity, Family, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, and Health.

We lay this nine-square grid map over the floorpan of our home to see where the different rooms fall and assess those rooms in relation to the energy of that area of the Bagua map. (Rooms can sometimes overlap into more than one area so take that into consideration for assessment.) Once you do that, you can then begin to discover the core of patterns and beliefs that need to be healed, as well as decide what you want to create going forward and set that energy in motion to manifest your goals.

Overall, it does take a really grounded approach to see things honestly. But by using your home environment to uncover insights about yourself, it can truly lead to a breakthrough for your spiritual growth.

It is also important to keep in mind that we tend to move into homes that reflect where our current energy is vibrating, or sometimes we move into spaces that hold the energy of something our souls need to go through. So whether you are looking at the big-picture level of assessment or the more specific Bagua map area, just remember that in your heart, all of it is for the good of the journey of your soul’s path in this lifetime.

Be Inspired

Once you have taken a deep look into yourself through your environment, it’s important to have fun too! You want to change, shift, and set up your environment to go after the goals you want to manifest. As your home is a mirror reflection of the “outer” world to the “inner” world within you, the inner will eventually match up with the outside and the energy will come into alignment.

Think about what truly inspires you. When you walk into your home, you should ideally strive to feel like “Ahh, I’m home” and have your soul be nourished.  What does that for you? What are your favorite colors, what places in nature bring you joy?  Add it in photos or artwork throughout your home; add it in furniture or textiles like curtains, rugs or throw pillows. Be sure to also add decorative or symbolic items that reflect the goals you wish to create in your life and what kind of energy you wish to be surrounded by. Make your home environment a place to be celebrated, and in turn your home will begin to celebrate your life. 

Heather Melcer is a certified Feng Shui consultant since 2001. Her intuitive and practical approach integrates this ancient art form into a modern world. She is a writer and publisher, has an MFA in film, and is the author of The Bagua Map eGuide Mapping Out Your Home for Harmony and Success. Please visit her website at for more information.

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