Higher Consciousness and The Art of Boulder-Placing


Standing in a mountain creek, watching the water flow over the rocks 

And pebbles I couldn’t help but contemplate the way we form thoughts. One trickle of water over stone and dirt leaves behind an ease of movement for any water that may follow behind it. The more this path is travelled, the more likely it is that water will continue to flow along that same way. Repeating the same pattern forms a trickle into a stream, a creek into a gushing river. The more well-worn the pathway, the greater the tendency to repeat it.

Here’s the difference between a human mind and a mountainside: we have a divine consciousness and may guide the flow of our water intentionally in any direction we wish. We have awareness, a privilege to continually reassess ourselves, and choose our navigation according to our desires and beliefs. We may deny use of a well-worn path and forge a new one, if we choose to do so.

Without awareness we are prisoners of former pathways, slaves to forever repeating patterns regardless of their usefulness or benefit.


So ask yourself – is there a thought pattern that you find distressing or outdated? Do you catch yourself, for example, thinking judgmentally of somebody else or yourself? You know the habit has only led to more judgments and labels that do not please or serve you. This is the perfect time to place a boulder directly in the spot you’re “standing” mentally, and search for a new direction to flow your energy. Stop in your tracks  and begin to build a dam. Seek a new path.

Be sure to say “thank you” for the awareness of it all; do not berate yourself for being in the habit of something you don’t like. Be grateful to grow aware of it now. Now you have a chance to redirect yourself. Now you have power through your awareness. Do not shy away from the temporary pain of awareness because through it lies your potential for change!

April Consciousness

The beauty of it all is that habits are formed by repetition. So with enough practice, you can make any way of thinking your new default. Where DO you want your water to flow?

When you catch yourself thinking a wonderful thought, expand that waterway. Slow down and notice the qualities of your thinking at that point in time. Bliss out, as much as possible. Notice every tiny detail around you. Find every like thought you can reach when you are in a wonderful space mentally. Declare your new flow and habit of thought in the places, feelings, and ways you LOVE to think! This will serve you. When you realize you are in creative control of your habits of thinking, you are truly taking control of your mind.

Seize the mastery of yourself by simply trying to direct the flow of your thoughts. If you find yourself suffering mentally, intentionally seek out a new habit of thought. You will find such beautiful opportunities to improve your thinking, you will soon be delighting in it. Take the first step in a willingness to accept your control your thoughts.

Water will continue to flow down the mountainside with or without direction, repeating old habits or forming new ones without assessment. The human blessing is to be able to create ourselves via self-awareness and our consequent navigational choices. Growing aware of how thought patterns make us and break us allows us to break them and remake them! Our minds are gifts for us to create as we use them. Be honest with yourself; where do you let your water flow?


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April Bowman


April Bowman is a lightworker, divine mother, earthfan, consciousness creator and all around badass spreading love and light around the galaxy. April has a love for reading, spirituality and childhood education. Follow her on Instagram @AprilisinBloom.

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