Channeling Healing in Times of Loss 

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” – Laozi, Author of Dao de Jing

2015 was a difficult year for me. I received news that a dear friend of mine who traveled with me in college passed away suddenly and tragically at the age of 24. I also felt a crushing blow when my boyfriend left me for another woman, leaving me feeling emotionally traumatized.

In the aftermath, I experienced a wave of emotions; sorrow, frustration, grief, panic, anger, anxiety. Alone in my room in the dark hours, I turned to writing to help deal with such overwhelming loss and change in my life.

The body of this article comes from a portion of my writing as I searched for ways to cope during a time of great loss. I am sharing them in the hopes that others will find some comfort in what I have to say.

Loss shatters our way of thinking and leaves us defeated. We can’t change all of the circumstances in our lives nor can we control the faults in others. We can, however, change our outlook and set the right intentions. Our powerful, natural ability to channel healing can ease the pain that comes with devastating changes.

Setting the Right Intentions

Reality exists within our minds. The power of intention can affect our reality to attract what we desire. During times of healing, develop the faith and self-confidence to manifest the things you desire or wish to let go.

Take a piece of paper, and write down the things you wish to attract. On the other side of the paper, write down the things you wish to let go. On an auspicious night, let’s say during a full moon or when you feel present, burn the paper. Meditate on these changes, and allow those affirmations to manifest.

Positive Affirmations

Those things I wish to manifest, I seek with faith and self-confidence.

Direct your intentions toward healing and self-discovery to attract positive energy. To lift up your thoughts and energy, and to attract what you desire, use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations increase your self-confidence and faith, two essential ingredients in manifestation. Start the day by saying “I am beautiful. Today, beautiful things will happen.”

Purify Yourself through Ritual

Rituals can serve as a powerful way to set intentions to attract healing energy. For example, take a long bath to cleanse yourself of any pain or negativity. Afterwards, hold a white candle in your hand and charge it with your energy by envisioning an exchange of light between yourself and the candle. Light the candle with a match and pray that the light may serve as a beacon of healing. Meditate for some time with a focus on healing energy.

Express Yourself

During times of vulnerability, thoughts get lost in dark places of sadness, anger, loneliness, rejection, and grief. Rather than fight the difficult emotions. Instead we must embrace those emotions as they arise. Express them in a healthy way. Allow yourself to cry or spend time alone. Release anger by going for a long run or venting with friends.

Heartbreak and its accompanying misery provide a vital source for creative energy. Release emotions through writing, painting, music, or dance. Even those who do not typically pursue artistic outlets can at least join a dance class or attend a writing workshop.

Connect with Nature

Take a long walk in the woods or along the beach. Listen closely to the sounds of the trees, the water, the birds, and the wind. The sounds of nature often carry messages. The ebb and flow of the sea reminds us of the phases in life; the pain we feel now will relent and pass.

Nature often hides secret lessons. Observe its transformation. Trees dormant in the winter come back to life again in spring. Remember the pain inside will subside. In time, we will heal and a new phase will bring renewed vigor.

Spend Time with Animals

Adopt a dog or cat or help a friend care for a pet. Animals intuitively know of our suffering and give love and affection to help us heal. While outside, take notice of the animals that you attract. They often carry signs. Does a bird or butterfly seem drawn to you. Perhaps they are a departed loved one showing themselves. Look up the meaning of specific animal. What messages do they bring?

Write Down Your Dreams

Dreams help us process our waking lives and connect us with other realms. Our inner emotions and secret messages from spirits manifest in dreams. They give us powerful tools to connect with our hearts, receive guidance from angels, and prophesize the future.

Yet almost right after we wake up, dreams fade and become almost impossible to remember. Write down dreams as soon as you wake up. Observe how the events in dreams reflect your life. When you can’t remember specific events, take notice of the symbols involved. Research those symbols online for a better understanding of their significance.


About the Author

Allison DienstmanAllie Michelle – American born, but a citizen of the world, with a commitment to life experience, Allie Marie is a lover of language, travel, music, fashion, and cooking. Above all, she is an optimist. She has practiced yoga and studied eastern philosophy for over 12 years. Currently, she works as a writer for various projects. For more of her writing, visit her blog Olive Vintage

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