ArchAngel Michael’s White Light


We all know that feeling; the uneasiness that lurks in darkness – the feeling of being watched – or simply the feeling that something feels “off”. You may have experienced this feeling more intensely as a child, but even as an adult it can catch you by surprise. It makes you feel uneasy, restless, and somewhat disturbed. Sometimes we are lucky enough to shake it off just as quickly as it appeared – but other times – we aren’t as lucky. 

Those nights that uneasiness keeps you awake, it haunts your dreams, and of course slowly and steadily causes your anxiety to rise. You roll over in bed dismissing these feelings – or even becoming frustrated with them. Alas – that feeling still sticks to you – like white on rice. 

So how can you release this heavy energy and create your own personal space again?

How can you gently drift off into a restful sleep? How can you feel at peace and back in touch with your cool, calm, and collected nature? 

By simply asking for assistance. You can use this request by saying it aloud, or silently within your mind. Both are equally effective and efficient. 

How to Ask for Healing From ArchAngel Michael:

  1. Place the palms of your hands up towards the sky (as if you were going to collect the rays of the sun within them)
  2. Take 5 deep breaths
  3. Say this either aloud or silently within your mind:
    “ArchAngel Michael, I surrender myself exclusively to you. ArchAngel Michael please place a white light of protection around me. With gratitude and love, thank you. So it is.”
  4. Take 5 more deep breaths

Voila! You have just asked the ArchAngel of protection to watch over you and banish any lower energies from around you. You should feel your anxiety ease away. All while sleep begins to beckon you closer. 

Bonus: you can alter this a bit to aid your friends, family, anyone really. You can even use this to protect your home or any other object. Repeat the same process – with the small alteration:

“ArchAngel Michael, I surrender (insert name or object) exclusively to you. ArchAngel Michael, please place a white light of protection around (repeat the same name or object). With gratitude and love, thank you. So it is.”

Once you practice this a few times it will easily roll off your tongue and quickly come to mind any time you need a bit of Divine Love in your life. The more you use this, the easier it is to remember. Eventually you will be able to use this within your dreams when necessary.

Don’t be shy either! Feel free to use this as a daily ritual to invoke the presence of ArchAngel Michael’s protection and love. He loves when you ask him for assistance! He loves it even more when you send him love in return.


About the Author

Amanda RaeAmanda Rae is an Intuitive Healer based in Saskatchewan, Canada. She helps women change their life by changing their energy. She helps you truly let go of the pain from your past, allowing miracles begin to happen in your life. Her specialty is releasing past emotional traumas and removing the darkness of depression. To learn more about Amanda, visit her website

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