5 Ways to Honor Your Mother


Mother’s Day is this weekend and many people are rushing out the door today to buy her a gift or make reservations at a fancy restaurant.

But the gift that your mother gave you is much greater than any gift you could buy at the store. She held you for 9 months and delivered you into this world. She raised you as best she could, she clothed you and fed you, she sent you off to the world, and when you were ready, she let you fly.

It wasn’t an easy road, there were some ups and downs, but she always did her best.

This mother’s day, here are five simple ways to honor your mother.

1. Spend Time With Her

Surprise your mother by asking for something so simple and yet so profound: her time. “Hey mom, do you have some time? I’d like to take a walk with you.” Whether you go to her house, or walk around the park, or just take a drive to nowhere at all, spend some time with your mother and appreciate that time you have together. Life is short and each moment is precious. These simple moments with your mother will be the moments you will always remember, because they are not forced.

2. Forgive Your Mother

If you are going through a rough patch with your mother, it’s time to let that go. Put it behind you and forgive her. Maybe your mother has passed on. Even then, forgive her. All mothers will make mistakes at some point. But that’s because they are human. Forgive your mother and honor her. Holding onto anger is only hurting you in the end.

3. Plant a Tree in Her Name

Trees can live to be hundreds of years old. They bring shade, they are filled with life, and they release oxygen to the world. Planting a tree in your mother’s name is not just a beautiful task you can do together, it is also very spiritually symbolic. Just like the tree, your mother has watched you grow, and now you can both watch something grow together.

4. Reminisce

Go through old pictures together, ask her about your childhood. Ask her about her life before you, look at her childhood pictures. Ask her about her mother. Getting to know your mother is more than just talking on the phone once a week. Even if you are far away, get together on Skype and chat about the past. It’s a great way to move forward while honoring your past(s).

5. Take Her on an Adventure

Ask your mother if there was one thing she always wanted to do but never had the chance. Life is short! We have to live out our desires or always regret it. If your mother always wanted to go on a boat, take her on a boat. If she always wanted to go sky diving, go sky diving. If she always wanted to go to a rock concert, take her to a rock concert. It’s so much more than buying her another Pandora charm to add to her collection that is gathering dust.

As we approach mother’s day, think of this simple mantra to honor your mother and honor yourself:

“I honor my mother, I love her for who she is.

I honor my father, I love him for who he is.

I honor myself, I love me for who I am.

Today and always, I remember all they have done for me.”


Picture: Me and my mother in 1983. 


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