5 Steps to a Spiritual Pregnancy

Being pregnant was one of the most spiritual times of my life. 

Right from the start I felt connected, centered, and tuned in. My body became a sacred vehicle for a soul that was ready to meet the world. There were times I would just close my eyes and feel the little thumps of life inside my growing belly. It was magic. 

Being pregnant has its ups and downs; your emotions are heightened, your body is changing, you suffer from aches and pains and above all that you are just plain exhausted. But embracing the change is part of the voyage. In order to step into the shoes of motherhood you must endure the nine months of cleansing. You must prepare yourself mentally for the labor, the birth, and then rebirth of yourself as a mother.

Here are 5 steps to a spiritual pregnancy: 

1. Allow Yourself to Feel 

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant. I had no emotions. It was so strange to me- someone who is so in touch with her emotions- for me to feel nothing. I didn’t feel happy, I didn’t feel sad, I think I just felt shocked. As the symptoms continued and the nausea kicked in, I wondered what was going to happen. I decided to just let it be and not try to feel one way or another. 

As the weeks progressed I found myself wavering through feelings of excitement, worry, sadness, joy, anticipation, and doubt. But I just allowed myself to sit with my feelings. To just be with my emotions. 

Every time an emotion came up, I allowed myself to express it. I found there was a great clearing in my heart every time I just sat with my emotions. Why was I sad? What was the sadness telling me? Why did I feel doubt? What was the doubt teaching me? 

The spirit is connected to our emotions, for they come from the heart. By allowing our emotions to rise and fall, we are experiencing what it means to be raw and open and true to ourselves. Labor is the ultimate test. It challenges you to let go and fully express yourself. When your emotions come and go in pregnancy, be kind to yourself and let them be.

2. Every Day Take Time For You 

I’ll admit, this was much easier for me because this was my first child. But even if you have to take 15 minutes to yourself while you’re children are napping or at school, take time for you. 

During my ME time, I would listen to calming music and meditate. I would let go of my daily distractions and worries and just melt into my body. These daily meditations allowed me to feel closer and closer to the baby growing inside of me. 

It was as though I was just taking time to listen and be present with my child. 

Nowadays when I meditate with Mishka, she remembers those days I would meditate while pregnant. She is instantly calm when I play those familiar tunes. Babies, even when in the womb, respond to a calm and relaxed mommy. 

3. Create a Peaceful Environment 

When you begin nesting (and trust me, you will nest), don’t forget that babies care less about things and more about how their environment feels. Nothing is more soothing than the womb, so when creating the perfect home for your baby to enter the world, think about recreating the peace and serenity of the womb. A soothing ambiance is not just good for baby, it’s good for you!

Light candles, clean with natural cleansers (like cinnamon or tea tree oil), open the shades and let the light flow in. Sage the place or light incense to remove old, unwanted energy. 

Let your space be YOUR space. Reclaim it and prepare it for the baby in the weeks before the birth. 

4. Believe 

I recently wrote an article on 5 affirmations for a blissful pregnancy. In it I mention the importance of affirmation when going through the pregnancy journey. 

Doubt and fear are not your friends. So do not instill doubt and fear into your unborn child. 

Continue to tell yourself that you are fine, the baby is fine, the labor will be fine, and raising your child you will both be fine. The mind is a powerful thing. 

Our beliefs are tested but if you root down your beliefs, then your doubts and fears will have no ground to stand on. You must be strong in your beliefs. This is a daily challenge. So everyday remind yourself how far you’ve come. 

For example: “Today I am half way through my pregnancy. I honor my body for carrying this baby for so long. I believe my body will continue to hold this child and protect it safely in my womb.”

Write down little affirmations that you can read yourself as time goes on. Place them around your house so you can find them in times when you feel less sure. 

5. Just Let Go 

Pregnancy is the biggest lesson in letting go. 

Throughout our lives we try to control and hold on to so much. We hold on to the past, we hold on to our stories, we hold on to our mistakes, we hold on to perfection. You cannot control it all, and pregnancy is the perfect time to learn that you actually control very little. 

Anything could happen. Anything at all. Are you going to let it cause you sleepless nights? Will worrying about it stop it from happening? 

As your pregnancy progresses, take time to meditate on letting go. Especially let go of things that no longer serve you like feeling guilty about something, or something that happened in the past, or ex boyfriends who didn’t treat you right, or the fact that you didn’t go back to college, or all those deep things that we carry around with us. 

The new soul needs a great canvas. Your baby can’t come into the world with your baggage, so let it go. Drop it. Move on. 

You’ll feel a clearing and opening in your heart and its purely divine.

I know I did.

Enjoy your pregnancy. It is the only time in your life when you have two souls in you instead of one. And that’s a blissful, blissful, blissful experience. 


About the Author 

Suki Eleuterio is a blogger, spiritualist, yoga enthusiast and poet living in South Florida. She is the founder of Found My Light, and the creative mind behind Sookton’s Space. She enjoys writing and discussing spirituality, holistic health, and vegetarianism. Growing up in Kenya with parents from different religious and cultural backgrounds, Suki has spent time finding her own path. You can follow her musings on Twitter and Instagram.

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