7 Ways to Improve Your Relationships


Living our day to day life usually means meeting lots of people.

From passersby, and persons with whom we just happen to share the elevator,  to people we spend hours with, everything translates to smaller or bigger transfers of energy that continually happen between us, unconsciously…exactly like breathing.

Nevertheless, each of these energy sharing moments determines the quality of our day and, ultimately, the way we get to live our life.

This is why an important step for improving our lives is to become aware of this continuous energy transfer and, instead of letting it happen to us, to start letting it happen in the measure and way that make us happier.

So, here are some good tips on how to consciously interact with people, so you can improve your relationships:

1. Educate yourself not to take anything personally

We come into each other´s lives as teachers, so that we can learn from all encounters and become spiritually richer. Every person that comes in our lives brings a lesson and it is up to us to learn and move forward or to get lost in the drama or fight the lesson.

So, in the end, that person that is wrecking your nerves just offers you an experience to find out more about yourself and evolve further. The hard time has nothing to do with you, but with the lesson that you still are to learn.

2. Learn to have clear boundaries about what you want and don’t want in your life

Staying in toxic relationships shows two things about ourselves: 1. We are still learning to say NO. 2. By the toxicity outside, we experience a mirror reflection of the toxicity we might have with our inner being.

We need to start treating ourselves with respect and self-appreciation, we need to love ourselves enough to have clearer boundaries.Delimiting ourselves from low emotions is not an act of selfishness. It´s an act of love for ourselves and for all the people touched by our energy.

3. Seek the company of people that already live the type of life you wouldn’t mind having

Surround yourself with inspiration. It is important not only for making you grow but also for making sure you do not “ungrow.”

Having a good life is as contagious as having a not so good one. So seeking the right company! Inspiration is always a part of the success you seek.

And, as a side tip: receiving advice from people should have at least one initial filter: does the life of the person giving the advice seem good enough for you? Would you see yourself living that life and feeling happy?

4. Feel confident that you will attract the right persons for your true mission

Many times we feel stuck, dis-empowered or so lacking in confidence that we feel we’ll never find the way out. Wallowing too long upon these feelings shuts us down energetically, emotionally and even mentally.

Solutions come when we are ready and open to receive them. When we cultivate the confidence that, at a higher level, we already received them and it is just a matter of time until they get materialized.

Like this, not only are we attracting the right people with the right energy, but we are also open and ready enough to recognize them when they appear.

Note: yes, it completely applies to love!

5. Send loving energy to the persons that give you a hard time

Lingering over anger, frustration, sadness and other negative feelings can only make our problems feel bigger.

The person that gives you headaches is just another human being that, at the end of the day, just wants to be loved and recognized for who he/ she is. Like everybody else.

So, send love consciously: with your mind’s eyes, see how love light gets out from your heart, reaches and wraps the other person in a loving manner, starting from their heart.  Feel the love that you offer and the way this love gently embraces the person.

It is not required to believe it just because it is written here and there. Just try it consistently and see how your relationship shifts.

6. Practice meditation and cleanse your energy on a regular basis

A heavy, low energy doesn’t harm us, but it does have a strong attraction power. The lower we feel, the more similar persons and situations we will attract in our life. Like any other negatively polarized energy.

Cleaning this energy using regular meditation (or praying) will elevate the level of our feelings and the vibration within our reality, which, ultimately will change the nature of this reality. Otherwise said, the more positive, energetic, true to our nature and confident we feel, the more similar people we will attract, which will end up by completely changing our experiences and life.

7. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is not a quality. It is a necessity. Gratitude is necessary for creating a great life and being aware of it, so that we can actually enjoy it fully.

Gratitude can be learned and practiced, every day, little by little, until it becomes part of our way of feeling and part of who we are. When gratitude is part of us, there is little that we need to be truly and completely happy.

So, just start seeing how it feels to be grateful. For all your experiences, for each lesson that comes with each person, for having the chance to meet great people, for having the chance to live.


About the Author

CristinaBoldCristina Bold  is a Life & Success Coach, Theta Healing therapist and writer, living in Porto, Portugal. Before pursuing her spiritual path, Cristina was a communication executive in the banking industry and, before that, she had management positions with some of the biggest global corporations. Now, Cristina dedicates herself to fulfilling her life purpose. She publishes the stories of her soul journeys on her blog JustOrdinaryMiracles.com and Facebook ( Ordinary Miracles).




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