When Your Guilty Pleasure Turns into a Guilty Habit


Do you have a guilty pleasure? A food that is your absolute weakness?

We have all used the phrase, “Oh, but it is my weakness,” when referring to some sort of food, may it be cupcakes, candy, pasta, or maybe even that pumpkin spice latte you crave.

But I think we need to banish the word “weakness.”

You see, weakness is defined as, “the state or condition of lacking strength.” When I hear the word “weakness,” I think of a lack of self-control. Something that has power over you. We’re giving this piece of bread, or this bag of Sour Patch Kids (calling out my boyfriend here) the ultimate power. How can this be? We are humans. Humans have free moral agency. We have a capacity for wisdom and growth far beyond any other species.

What I’m getting to is that this term needs to be tossed. Instead of “weakness,” let’s call it a “guilty pleasure.” I believe that it’s fine to have a guilty pleasure! I believe that it’s not fine to use a “guilty pleasure” as an excuse to eat poorly on a regular basis. I also believe that it is not fine to use a “guilty pleasure” as a coping mechanism to deal with stress or any negative emotions.

My guilty pleasure is (and I can’t believe I’m admitting this) – BUTTERFINGERS. I know, it’s weird! But I’m owning it. My guilty pleasure is a big ol’ Butterfinger bar. But guess how many times I’ve eaten that in the past year? Four.

Think about your guilty pleasure, and how often you’ve eaten it recently. Do you feel alright about your answer? If not, it may be safe to say that you don’t have a guilty pleasure. You have a guilty habit! Now own it, be strong, and make the changes you need. And never be afraid to look for help or support, especially if your guilty habit is connected to negative emotions.

When we look at the bigger picture, we can see something much more disturbing. As a society, we tend to look for quick fixes: a temporary diet, diets that include a cheat day, or a diet that allows for your guilty habits to manifest.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your soul, and find a LIFESTYLE that works for you. One that will work forever. Yes, forever. By adding in healthy, clean foods instead of depriving ourselves, we don’t NEED those guilty habits. Trust me!

You can do it!


About the Author

10447120_249395335245989_6839280846818351196_nShaine Weinman is a foodie, lover of macrobiotics, and little soul traveling this wide world. Currently the Marketing Coordinator for OnJuice and Deliver Lean, she is also a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying to become a Certified Health Coach. Shaine realized her passion for holistic wellness after healing her disgruntled gut with healthy, nutritious food, now she wants to heal the world. You can follow Shaineʼs blog, A Little Soul, on Facebook.

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