How to Eat Mindfully When Dining Out

o-WOMAN-MENU-RESTAURANT-facebookYou’ve made a commitment to your health, but you don’t want to miss out on girls’ night.

Dining out can be a daunting task when you have decided to eat mindfully. Fearful questions come to mind: Will I be able to find something to eat on the menu? What if my friends don’t understand my choices? What if I overindulge?

Found My Light has some answers for that little voice in your head! Here’s a way to stay true to your choices and eat mindfully, while also enjoying a night out at a fun restaurant.

Will I be able to find something to eat on the menu?

When eating out, preparation is key. Luckily, most restaurants post their menus online. Take a look before you leave for your night out. When you come to the table prepared with what you are going to order, it is easier to stay on track. Make the decision ahead of time so that you don’t feel pressured at the table. My favorite trick (if there are no good options on the entrée list) is to combine two sides. Try to pick the two sides that most closely fit your wellness plan, like vegetables and brown rice.

What if my friends don’t understand my choices?

This happens all the time. You turn down a piece of bread or a bite of cake, and your dining partner looks at you with pity as if you are a monster to deprive yourself of such a treat! “Are you sure that’s all you want?” may be heard when your two servings of veggies arrive at the table. In cases where you feel uncomfortable to ask for what you need, remember your purpose. If only everyone could be as strong as you! You’ve made a dedication to yourself, your body, your LIFE. Those who love and support you will not ask for an explanation. They’ll be able to see it, clear as day!

What if I overindulge?

From time to time, you will overindulge. It happens! Don’t beat yourself up! So, you steered off course. Had a moment of weakness. The last thing you need to do now is the self-shame game. This will only lead to another binge, another slip-up. Acknowledge your actions, brush it off, and move on. Long term change never comes from being cruel to yourself. If anything, use this little slump to get excited about the better day you will have tomorrow! Picture that morning green juice and yoga routine, and visualize the beautiful day to come.

You have one life. You have one life and one body, and you are already ahead of the game by making your health a priority. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on girls’ night or family dinners. If anything, you’ll make a much better dinner partner since you are so full of life and vitality.

Happy mindful eating!


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10447120_249395335245989_6839280846818351196_nShaine Weinman is a foodie, lover of macrobiotics, and little soul traveling this wide world. Currently the Marketing Coordinator for OnJuice and Deliver Lean, she is also a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying to become a Certified Health Coach. Shaine realized her passion for holistic wellness after healing her disgruntled gut with healthy, nutritious food, now she wants to heal the world. You can follow Shaineʼs blog, A Little Soul, on Instagram.



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