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About Amanda Rae

Amanda RaeAmanda Rae is an Intuitive Healer based in Saskatchewan, Canada. She helps women change their life by changing their energy. She helps you truly let go of the pain from your past, allowing miracles begin to happen in your life. Her specialty is releasing past emotional traumas and removing the darkness of depression. To learn more about Amanda, visit her website

ArchAngel Michael’s White Light

We all know that feeling; the uneasiness that lurks in darkness – the feeling of being watched – or simply the feeling that something feels “off”. You may have experienced this feeling more intensely as a child, but even as…

Learn How to Calm the Mental Chatter

We live in a time of multitasking, overachieving, and overflowing schedules. We spend our days running around in a frantic daze trying to do more, be more, have more. When do we pause? When do we give ourselves permission to…